Riley’s Newsletter 011


Happy May 1st!

Two important things happened today. The Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting was held, and I published Newsletter 011.

This month’s newsletter is light on writing and heavy on links because I’m focused on my upcoming CFA test. After I write, I’ll publish more.

This month, we have another Connor Haley piece (Q1 Hedge Fund letter). Take a look at his annualized returns, his Collectors Universe investment results, and the VIQ Solutions write up. Incredible!

My three favourite podcasts from April are Ram Parameswaran – Alibaba: A Giant Among Giants, Brad Gerstner and Rich Barton – Thriving in Changing Markets, and Brian Bares – Qualitative Concentration at BCM. The first two are from Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s Colossus family, and the last is from Ted Seides’s Capital Allocators Podcast. I recommend all three.

A good hunting ground appears to be SPACs. After a frothy few months, the tide’s going out. Dip a toe in, see what it’s like.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,