Riley’s Newsletter 013


Happy July 5th. Sorry for being 5 days late. This month’s newsletter is light on writing because I’m focused on my upcoming CFA exam. After I take the bloody test, I’ll write and publish more.

Salona Global Medical Device Corp. ($SGMD) have not announced anything profound, and yet… the stock continues to soar. It’s interesting to see a stock move around so much. I’ve been selling at these prices because the rapid price increase has pushed the position size to something I’m not comfortable with.  

Alta Fox Capital released high conviction research on IDT before the U.S. long weekend. They do great valuation work. I first learned of this stock from Rich Howe at Stock Spinoff Investing, and am excited to see the idea get more notice and the story play out.

SPACs and de-SPACs are still interesting, but I haven’t found any new ones since last month.

Until next time,