The Newport Newsletter October 2020


October brought more news about Brattle Street Investment Corp. The new CEO, Les Cross, provided the news this time. At first blush it doesn’t appear that we’ll be getting a 5-bagger when it goes public. The link to the latest BRTL write-up #3 is below.

Non-investment stuff: I didn’t get through half of the CFA Level 1 material and my back is much better. I found an interesting thing on the internet, too. See below. Next month’s challenge is to actually get through the rest of the CFA Level 1 study material. I loafed it on the CFA material because I had to reschedule my test to February 18th (thanks, covid).

Brattle Street Investment Corp. 3

Finish half of the CFA Level 1 study material (repeat).

10-K Diver: Excellent Twitter Profile to learn financing and investing concepts from.

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